Friday, March 24, 2006


Do It For The Donkey!

I admit, I'm not quite sure what this slogan means, but I find it absurdly funny, nonetheless. I was watching Strangers With Candy and someone on the show was holding up a poster which said, "Do It For the Donkey!" and I thought that'd make a funny T-shirt.
I do know that the fictional Flatpoint High on the show has the "Concrete Donkeys" as their mascot, so I'm sure it had something to do with that.


# posted by Stenar @ 10:32 AM
this donkey looks like the donkey people tend o show when they want to express their love for cataluña, a region in spain which wants it's independence.. the donkey is kind of a symbol due to some historical-donkeys and also because it counterparts well against the spanish bull
# posted by Blogger philipp : 11:35 AM  
donkey is ass
# posted by Blogger Lord Baron Justin Ross IV : 2:18 PM  
Donkey for Democrats?
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 2:28 PM  
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