Sunday, March 12, 2006


Well, this T-shirt is an inside joke for the Mormons, or ex-Mormons as few active Mormons would be likely to wear this (or the underwear which goes along with it). It'll take some 'splaining. Mormons wear special underwear they call "garments." These garments are associated with what they call the Melchizedek priesthood. Before you go to the Mormon temple and get your "garmies," if you're a man, you hold the Aaronic priesthood...or the lesser priesthood. "Aaronics" is a slang some Mormon youth use to describe their regular pre-garment underwear. So, if you're wearing "Aaronic" underwear, you're not wearing Mormon "garments," you're just wearing regular old underwear like everyone else in America. Hopefully, this all makes some sense...not that Mormon underwear makes any sense, but, my explanation of the "Aaronics" underwear. I hope.


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