Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Pakistanis are hot!

I was switching channels the other day and happened to catch a minute of Paris Hilton's show 'The Simple Life.' She had been staying with some Pakistani family and as she was leaving, gave the mother a t-shirt which said "Pakistanis are hot!"

I decided to poke fun at Paris' trademark "that's hot" phrase with this spoof of her Pakistanis are hot t-shirt.

Yah, the Pakistanis are hot and they need air conditioning. No offense meant to the Pakistanis. Some of them were good friends when I lived in Norway.


# posted by Stenar @ 10:51 PM
haha tight i'm paki and i love that shirt
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 5:53 PM  
Very interesting shirt, i love to buy it, this is very true, yes Pakistanis are hot, i think this is because of weather in Pakistan.
# posted by Anonymous Custom t-shirts : 2:09 AM  
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